Friday, February 19, 2010

Important story about the beginnig of history....

We were waiting for this story from the first post, now we got it! I want to tell you about another Polish girl who had visited Ecuador before me. Her name is Kasia and is now living in Germany. She was THE ONE who brought the cameras to Chunchi!
Thanks to her they were in the Municipio drewers, waiting for reuse.
Kasia, thanks to your idea KIDS IN ACTION revolution - could started.

Below you have the story told by Kasia:

“The history began in Chunchi when children noticed my own camera put on top, immediately they wanted to take pictures by themselves and I let them. To be honest, I was a bit afraid of the camera being broken (unfortunately it was prophetic, the camera was a bit damaged afterwards;-). Where did the idea come from? Some time ago I read the article in Gazeta Wyborcza regarding the similar event held in Bieszczady (children were given cameras for one month, they took different photos and at the end the exhibitions were organized). I decided to do the same in Chunchi. I prepared the project and I went to don Eduardo, who gave me a big support. Also the mayor of Chunchi was in favour of this idea. At the beginning everything seemed to be easy… After some time we realized that nothing comes easy. If the idea was born in February, then it took couple of months during which we were looking for sponsors among different foundations (Polish consulate in Quito including – one employee became enthusiastic over the project, unfortunately his supervisor did not. More important issues were pending (like polish prisoners) and our project had to wait but maybe I called him in a bad moment… He was really nervous), asking the mayor for the money – I wanted the first exhibition to be held during the Fiestas de Chunchi. Finally, after having problems with money and sponsors…I was so angry that I paid out of my own pocket 7 cameras (now Marzena you are saying there are only three left, I wonder what happened to the rest?! I must add also that after many moans and groans Municipio gave me money back for the cameras bought). We started preparations quickly as the date of Chunchi fiestas was approaching. I had to convince some people from Municipio who where sceptical about giving the cameras to kids, they found the idea stupid and they said that the cameras would have been stolen. Especially when they found out that Wilmer Mancheno would take part in the project. Now I realise that it was my biggest success – Wilmer changed for the better and the sceptical people started to trust him. The boy is very calm, open and is attending the school (before he could stand only two months at school or was expelled).

All in all, during the fiestas de Chunchi there was a small exhibition “Chunchi desde la Mirada de los ninios”, during which only 15 photos were presented. Later on we wanted to organize other expos in Riobamba and Cuenca but unfortunately we failed. So I was really happy hearing that you are developing the project. I keep my fingers crossed for the further development”.