Friday, January 1, 2010

My world – Ecuador through the eyes of a child.


Expressing yourself and being open to what is around you!

I arrived in Chunchi within the framework of the Hijos de los migrantes programme, whose main goal is to work with immigrant children. One of the many social issues confronting Ecuador are children abandoned by parents immigrating to the United States and Spain. We helped children with their homework and arranged their leisure activities. One of ideas was to organize a photography workshop.

We managed to provide to the children three cameras (the story how they arrived to Chunchi is great and it will come soon:) We encouraged them to take photos of their relatives and their surroundings – to tell a story through the photos about their everyday life and important matters.

I was asking them to photograph both happy and sad moments. The children had many great and original ideas. They wanted to grasp the moments – running around their surroundings they took photos of their aunts, friends, breaks at school, their houses and beautiful nature that surrounds them: mountains and animals.

Everyone would love to have the chance to be a photographer. So, I didn't need alarm clock anymore. Early morning - bells are ringing and I hear the voice: Senorita, una CAMARA:)