Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our world - photo report from Jasło

The exhibit “My world. Ecuador.. ." and the following action ”Our world…- the time is for Jasło and the surroundings. The short reportage from the two unique days 02.03.2010 – 03.03.2010:
I came to see the exhibit and after watching the photographs, which I liked a lot, I received the camera and I have been told to take the pictures. “I took few shots that you are going to see” – wrote Karol (13) from the School nr.2 in Jaslo. That is the second shop, the dandy, a prewar building, the covered with snow cherry trees; maybe people will like them”, related about her pictures Priscilla.

In the morning (03.03.2010), they came to visit us and they brought the fresh stuff, the young photojournalists from Piotr Skarga : Aneta (15) , Karolina (14) , Ania (14), Dawid (15), Sebastian (16), Mateusz (16), Grzegorz (17), Michał (16). Together with the group Sokol, we were wondering what’s the purpose of this Photography is. Daniel, Dariusz, Karol, Rafał – thank you for this interesting and creative conversation.

Even before the sunshine Julita (9), Kacper (11), Paweł (13), Szymon (11), Krystian (12), they captured the hilly surroundings of Wolice and their mysterious stories, hidden behind the trees;)

Why? For What? (Porque?, Para que?) , we hear these questions all time.
Maybe, as said Pawel, we make these photographs in order to preserve the memory of something. After the quantity and the quality of what we had captures, I can say, without hesitating, that we will have a lot to memorize. Beside the photography, there is alos a lot of drawings and different pictures, which show YOUR WORLD (small discoverers). And what with those, who did not challenge the project and did not take any photograph? Here is Mateusz’ answer, who said the first day: “I have not taken any pictures and there was nothing that I really liked, but I smiled today many times, maybe ten times and I greet all of you”.
And for this one smile, it is worth to trust, to share this one unbelievable moment of our time, take the risk and maybe to sleep a little less that usually;). For this one smile, and what we can do for ten of them?
Thank you to all of you!!!!! GRACIAS A TODOS!!!!!!!!! You are wonderful (this is probably because of this mountainous fresh air, as was saying my grandmother ;)
P.S. Right now, your pictures are moving to a further trip, some of you know already the where:) Those of you, who want to discover the next stop of our voyage, I invite to follow the future news that are going to appear soon on our blog…Here you can see a lot of photographs…
Monday, March 1, 2010
We are in Jaslo